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It’s a Christmas miracle!

Ah, 2012. Quite a year, eh? Well… not for Nightlight Productions, but still. Those Mayans gave us a run for our money!

Despite what it looks like on Nightlight, I’ve been a busy guy this year. I turned 32, I travelled to Europe, I met Gabez, I worked full time, I did a lot of journalism work on the side… plus all the stuff that goes along with married life. You guys get it, right?

And then… I’ll be honest with you… it’s really hard to edit together a radio play these days. In the old days (pre 2005) making a radio play involved wandering into the university radio station, bothering the people who work there, and going into a recording studio. That’s where I got my actors from, and editing was a matter of clipping out what works and mixing in sound effects.

These days, living on the other side of the country and using voice talent from all over the world, I get to work with some great talent but editing involves mixing every individual line. It’s a painstaking, slow process that I have little time to devote to.

As much as this sounds like I’m giving up though, I’m not. I love making radio plays too much to throw it away. I’m seven parts through a story that I’m determined to finish, in the least. So what does that mean?

Next year I’m trying something new. It’s too soon to let out too many details, but let’s just say that there will be new radio plays, the way they should be.

The Power of Monkey Island will still be complete, but I’ll be honest – it will probably take me most of the year to get through. The good news is, there’ll be something else.

I’m not making any promises though – I’ve learnt from that mistake! In the meantime, following me on Twitter is a good way to know what I’m up to: I’m @nightlightguy

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